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Ideological Clothing Store

be marginal, be hero

Subversivo is an online shirt shop whose mission is to use their shirts as a space for protest and exposition of ideologies.

Be subversive is not just chaotic. Be subversive is, above all, contrary to a system that, in general acts targeting their own benefits and let common sense aside. Be subversive today is in the most banal way possible, act in good faith, have the least notion of and empathy with others.


the brand

The brand must represent a people who live in the struggle, on the street, who shouts for freedom, equality and fraternity, but who are subjugated by the system, who always classify them as thugs, criminals, evildoers. The best representation was to use the stencil as a basic element, as this tool would be used extensively by those who protest. The mark is closed in a frame, because subversives are always surrounded, but they are never completely closed, there is always a way out.


Idea and elaboration of prints

thanks for watching

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